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Reminder: Stories in this blog b/c these folks who are NOT sex offenders, -crossed paths with- a former sex offender or someone accused of a sex offense, and circumstances (see article/s) resulted in their death. Deaths of any, RSOs or Accused SOs mentioned, are counted in our Murders/Suicides blogs, not in this blog.

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No "Foreign Cases" will be posted, only those occurring in the United States.

Of all our "Harm Blogs" (Blogs covering deaths and vigilantism) this one is likely the hardest to understand. At times we aren't sure if a case belongs here or not, but we do our best to make that determination. Effective October 2010 we have added "Sex Trafficking" cases (The first one we know of occurred in 10-2010).

The purpose of this blog is to document Death/s of Others accordingly you will not see stories of deaths of registered sex offenders here. (EXCEPTION: When a RSO say, commits suicide and kills someone else in that process, the story of the other person will include the story of the death of the RSO).

However, these are stories of folks whose lives somehow touched on a sex offense or a sex offender, or folks who were mistaken for a sex offender or mistakenly thought to have commmitted a sex offense, and were killed.
Further, we have noticed -in homicide cases- defendants sometime claim it was done because of some sort of sexual encounter with the person killed, those will be found here. A defense to mitigate or evade punishment (Click to see current cases claiming that defense).

Our "Why Code" System: To best understand, here we have links to actual cases (examples) which are coded with "Why Codes" based on facts of the case:
Why - Accused Sex Offender
Why - Claimed Sex Offense or sex offender
Why - Sex Offender
Why - Sex Offense
Why - Sex Trafficking
Why - Sexual Circumstances

So far there are only a few cases that fit this blog's purpose, and it is not possible to paraphrase them, instead you must read each case to see why they are here.

Note: At times a single case may have multiple qualifiers for inclusion in this blog. When that occurs there is a priority to the "Why Codes" and only one is needed to cause inclusion in blog, codes are as follows:
Why - Sex Trafficking
Why - Sex Offender
Why - Accused Sex Offender
Why - Sex Offense
Why - Claimed Sex Offense or sex offender
Why - Sexual Circumstances

Number of Deaths per Incident:
(Deaths 1 (Incidents with One death)
(Deaths 2 (Incidents with Two deaths)
(Deaths 3 (Incidents with three deaths)
(Deaths 4 (Incidents withfour deaths)
(Deaths 5 (Hope we never get to this or beyond)

Number of Deaths per that Victim Type:

(Victim - Child (Incidents with one child killed)
(Victim - Child of RSO (Incidents with one child killed)
(Victim - Child1 (Incidents where a second child was killed)
(Victim - Child2 (Incidents where a third child was killed)

(Victim - Men (Incidents with one man killed)
(Victim - Men1 (Incidents where a second man was killed)
(Victim - Women (Incidents with one woman killed)
(Victim - Women1 (Incidents were a second woman was killed)

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