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3 charged with Troy arson now face murder charges

Very sad case, a sex offender was targeted for a debt but was not hurt during the arson, instead an innocent 82-yr old lady living in same apartment building was killed.

7-2-15 New York:

TROY -- Three people were arraigned Thursday in Rensselaer County Court for their alleged roles in a Lansingburgh fire that caused an 82-year-old woman to have a fatal heart attack.

Last week, a grand jury handed up first- and second-degree murder charges against Tyler Smith, 24, of Castleton; and Abbey Slaga, 20, and David Stanley, 22, both of Frankliton, N.C.

Grace Halpin was rescued from the May 1 fire at 520 Second Ave. but died nearly a month later.

Smith, Slaga and Stanley previously were charged with arson in connection with the fire.

They also are charged with assault, criminal mischief, burglary and 10 counts of reckless endangerment, one for each of the other residents of 520 Second Ave. who escaped the blaze.

A mother's love for a lost son — the sex offender found dead Saturday

There is something odd about this case, maybe at a future date something will show up. Who killed who? A suicide pact? Also possible is, all were killed b/c Green was a RSO by a vigilante? Whatever the facts really are, a RSO died/was killed, hence inclusion for the other deaths here.

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11-10-2014 Missouri:

On Nov. 10, 1992, Lewis Green, then 22, shot himself in the head during a game of Russian Roulette.

That left him partially paralyzed on his left side and with mental problems, his mother said.

Twenty-two years and five days later — on Saturday — Green, 44, was one of three people shot to death at a north side Springfield hotel that often is home to transients, as well as families down on their luck.

"I loved my son," said Green's mother, Kaye Green, Tuesday before she went to start making funeral arrangements. "I loved my son in spite of himself."

Green was living in room 149 of the Economy Inn where he was required to have his address posted online because he was a registered sex offender. Also killed in the same room were Danielle J. Keyes, 29, and Trevor L. Fantroy, 43. One man survived, Christopher K. Freeman, 24. No arrests have been made.

Kaye Green, 63, a former machine operator who retired from Solo Cup after 24 years, said her son moved to the Economy Inn about five months ago. She said he could afford the payments on his checks from Social Security disability and the motel didn't do background checks on who lived there.

Rape charge may have triggered domestic homicide

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4-22-2014 Indiana:

GRIFFITH | Police continue to look for what triggered a murder-suicide Monday outside St. Mary's School where a Gary man killed his estranged wife

He later turned the gun on himself when confronted by police outside his garage.

"We are still trying to find the specific cause of the event," Griffith Police Chief Greg Mance said. "At this time, everything still points toward a domestic situation that turned violent."

The violence took place 10 days before the killer, Remanard Castro, would face a judge and the possibility of a 20- to 50-year sentence on charges he had raped his victim, Nina Castro, in November.

Laura Berry, executive director of the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Indianapolis, suggested Tuesday the upcoming court hearing may have been the trigger.

She said if the rape took place last fall and the charges were only recently filed, Remanard may have deluded himself "into thinking he got away with it, and once he knew he had an initial hearing coming up, all of a sudden he is facing incarceration."