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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winston Co Sheriff: 2 of 4 people found dead were charged with child porn in Tennessee

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10-3-2013 Alabama:

WINSTON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Winston County Sheriff saysthat two of the four people found dead in a vehicle near Double Springs were have been charged with child pornography and molestation-related crimes in Tennessee.

Investigators are looking into the possibility that four people who were found dead on Wednesday night near Double Springs were part of a murder/suicide.

Sheriff Rick Harris tells FOX6 News that those persons were set to go to trial Wednesday in Tennessee. Authorities now believe they were on the run and that these people have family in Empire (Walker County) and Hamilton (Marion County).

A forensics team has been on the case since late Wednesday evening. Harris says they are examining the vehicle in which the four bodies were found. At this time, is appears that all of the violence happened inside the vehicle, not outside.

Autopsies of the four bodies will be completed Thursday night in Huntsville.

Harris says the four bodies were found inside a vehicle off of County Road 327 Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, he said that the bodies have all been identified and their names will be released as soon as family members are notified.

According to Sheriff Harris, the four victims were three men and one woman, all from Tennessee. Their ages range from 25 to 50-something and the victims knew each other. Authorities in Tennessee are contacting family members of the victims to get more information and try to determine a motive.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

High school football captain, 18, who 'stabbed 27-year-old gay lover to death', says he was sexually assaulted by victim

Case of Sexual Circumstances
12-11-2013 Connecticut:

The captain of the Bloomfield High School football team, who is on trial for the murder of a 27-year-old with whom he had been having a sexual relationship, claims to have been sexually and physically assaulted by the man in the past.

Tarence Mitchell, 18, of Bloomfield, Connecticut, has admitted to stabbing Ronald Taylor Jr - known as 'City' - five times in the torso with a steak knife out the front of his home on November 21, after trying to break off their two-year relationship.

The athlete was recently released from jail and placed under house arrest after his mother posted his $1 million bail with the help of a bail bondsman.

In a 20-page document filed to the Superior Court, Mitchell's lawyer Morgan P. Rueckert, said his client's admission to police supports a their defense that Mitchell was defending himself and didn't intend to kill Taylor, according to Courant.

However Judge Joan Alexander questioned the self-defense suggestion during Mitchell's court appearance and noted that Mitchell initially lied about what had happened, blaming unidentified people wearing hoodies for the stabbing.

In his motion, Rueckert wrote that Taylor, 'an adult, provided drugs to and sexually assaulted the defendant when he was a minor, and then attempted to use the threat of disclosing the defendant's past victimization, along with the threat of, and actual, physical violence to force the defendant to engage in sexual contact'.

The assault was not elaborated further.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The horrific consequences of false rape claims

While this story is way-back out of the time frame we are keeping, we still wanted to keep a record of it because it is still an example of what we call "Related Deaths by Sexual Circumstances"

A candlelight vigil was held today in Surrey to remember two best friends who were murdered in cold blood 20 years ago. Friends since elementary school, Christian Lussier and Paul McDaniel were inseparable. “They were a team — they were always together,” Lussier’s older sister, Wendy Chapman, said. “I could never imagine one without the other.”

Tragically, the two young men also died together. On Sept. 11, 1993, John Joseph Arniel confronted Lussier, 16, McDaniel, 15, and Richard Moisan, 17, at a spot under the Pattullo Bridge, where he shot them all. Lussier and McDaniel died at the scene but Moisan, who had been shot in the face, survived. He was able to call 911 and identify Arniel as the shooter.

Arniel, then 18 years old, went after the teens because his girlfriend had told him that Lussier raped her — an allegation that police deemed unfounded and the woman later recanted. Arniel pleaded guilty in December 1993 to two counts of second-degree murder and one count of attempted murder. He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 20 years. Story here.

Over the past several years, our blog has covered far too many examples of the awful things that can happen because of false rape claims. We grow weary of people who trivialize false rape claims by claiming they are rare. Unfortunately, the people who make such assertions typically have a financial interest at stake. They fail to take into account that while only a relatively small number of rape claims can be definitively branded "false," the same is true for the percentage of rape claims that can be definitively branded as rapes. For most such, no one can say one way or the other -- even Dr. David Lisak's rape study affirms this. Of the rape claims that can be definitively classified (either way), false rape claims make up a significant percentage -- an unacceptable percentage.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Defense: Dustin Musso did kill his grandfather

Case of Sexual Circumstances
12-3-2013 Louisiana:

BATON ROUGE - Defense attorneys told a jury of 12 men and women today that Dustin Musso killed his grandfather in May of 2009. Musso beat him and set his house on fire.

However, Lance Unglesby said his grandfather's actions over many years prompted Musso to kill him. He asked jurors to not find his client guilty of first degree murder, but rather manslaughter which carries a lower penalty.

In court a 23-year veteran police officer testified that she doesn't get rattled easily, but Dustin Musso rattled her. She also said that he was the most "evil and malicious" person she has ever encountered.

Unglesby blamed Musso's family and grandfather for his unstable childhood. As he was being raised, he lived in nearly 23 foster homes.

"Pete Musso molested children," Unglesby said. "He molested lots of children, molested Dustin. The sins of his past finally caught up with him."

Prosecutor Prem Burns doesn't buy it.

"The old molestation, that's what the Menendez brothers did in their case," Burns said. "To pull it out of the woodwork, 'Oh we were molested by out father' to try to get off on first degree murder, it's an easy thing to do against a dead person."

Monday, December 2, 2013

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December 1, 2013:

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Coroner releases identities of bodies found in East Side apartment

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5-20-2013 Indiana:

EVANSVILLE — A man and woman whose bodies were found in their northern Vanderburgh County apartment Monday afternoon were identified Wednesday by the Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office as Holly L. Usrey, 56, and Thomas H. Zinni, 65.

Usrey died from blunt force trauma to the head, according to the Coroner Annie Groves, and her death is listed as being a homicide. Zinni died from a self-inflicted wound, Groves said.

The couple were found Monday in their apartment by a maintenance employee of the Delaware Trace Apartments, however, their date of death is listed as May 20.

Groves said they coroner’s office has not been able to find next of kin for Usrey. Anyone with information is asked to call the coroner’s office at 812-435-5746. ..Source.. by Courier Press

Man in murder-suicide case was subject of child molestation investigation

Evansville Police have released new information about the bodies found in a Vanderburgh County Apartment complex.

They say based on the causes of death for the two people found in the apartment on June 3rd, the case has been classified as a murder-suicide.

Investigators say that Thomas Zinni killed Holly Usrey and then killed himself.

The department has also released that at time of the deaths, Thomas Zinni was being investigated for child molesting.

Zinni had been interviewed by a sex crimes detective a week before the deaths.

Detectives were preparing a case file in an effort to get an arrest warrant based on information gathered during the investigation.

Both investigations will be closed due to the suspect in both cases being deceased. ..Source.. by Brad Conaway

Dania Beach man kills girlfriend, hangs himself at Greenbelt Park, police say

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8-31-2012 Florida:

A man found hanging from a tree in Greenbelt Park on Sunday morning apparently first killed his girlfriend before turning to suicide, authorities said.

The body of Louise Attardi-Cramer, 50, dead from blunt force trauma, was discovered in her bedroom early Sunday, said Keyla Concepcion, a spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff's Office.

About four hours later, Michael Kanuf, 49, was found by a couple taking a morning stroll through a secluded area of the park adjacent to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Concepcion said.

Police say Kanuf left a note outside a relative's home admitting to the crime and saying that he was going to commit suicide.

After receiving a call at about 6:30 a.m. requesting that the Sheriff's Office perform a welfare check of Attardi-Cramer, police found her body in her home in the 5300 block of Southwest 29th Way, Concepcion said.

Police spent the next several hours, Concepcion said, searching for Kanuf, the father of Attardi-Cramer's teenage son.

When the couple made the grisly discovery in the park, they called 911. The body was confirmed to be Kanuf, Concepcion said.

When reached by telephone Sunday afternoon, a relative of Attardi-Cramer's declined to comment: "This is a time of mourning for the family and nobody wants to talk about what's going on."

Records from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement show that Kanuf is a registered sexual offender stemming from a 1993 conviction out of Miami-Dade County for lewd or lascivious fondling of a child younger than 16.

The murder-suicide investigation is ongoing. ..Source.. by Tonya Alanez, Sun Sentinel

Sheriff: Man killed couple because husband was sex offender

Vigilantes were members of Crew 41: Note article: "Killing Sex Offenders: The Apparent Hypocrisy of Crew 41"
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7-24-2013 South Carolina:

JONESVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - Union County Sheriff David Taylor said two arrests were made in a double-homicide case after two people were found dead inside a Jonesville home Monday.

Taylor said a neighbor called 911 at about 8:40 p.m. and wanted deputies to check on the residents in a home on Furman L. Fendley Highway.

He identified the victims as Gretchen Parker, 51, and Charles Parker, 59, and said they lived in the home where they were found dead.

Taylor said surveillance video helped them identify and arrest Christine, 36, and Jeremy Moody, 30, in connection with the Parkers' deaths. Both were arrested and charged with two counts of murder.

Jeremy Moody told deputies he killed Charles Parker because he was a registered sex offender and planned to kill another registered sex offender on his list on Wednesday had he not been caught, Taylor said. Taylor said Gretchen Parker was killed because she was with Charles Parker.

According to the State Law Enforcement Division website, Charles Parker is listed as a registered sex offender, convicted in 1991 of criminal sexual conduct third degree.

Deputies, neighbor discover bodies in Jonesville home

Taylor said a neighbor had stopped by a few times Monday, but no one came to the door so he called deputies, Taylor said.

Taylor said in a press conference on Tuesday that both victims were shot and also stabbed multiple times but so far, investigators have no leads and have not made any arrests in the case.

"Anytime you have dead bodies, and you don't know who's done the act, it's a threat," Taylor said.

An autopsy done on Monday morning determined that Charles Parker was shot twice, once in the neck and once in the chest, and also suffered from stab wounds, Taylor said. Gretchen Parker was shot once in the chest and stabbed multiple times, according to Taylor.

When deputies arrived, they found the back door open and heard dogs inside the home, Taylor said. He said deputies discovered the bodies of a man and woman in the living room, guarded by several dogs.

Taylor said investigators had to wait for Animal Control to take eight dogs, some puppies, two cats and chickens out of the house and secure warrants before going inside.

State Law Enforcement Division investigators were brought in to help process the crime scene, Taylor said.

Taylor said from everyone investigators have talked to, no one had talked to the Parkers since Saturday. He also said there were no signs of forced entry, though the door was left wide open.

"From everything that we can tell, nothing is missing at this time," Taylor said. "Everything appears to still be intact. The house was not ransacked. So it doesn't appear to be robbery."
Sheriff: Surveillance video shows suspects at scene of crime

According to Taylor, Jeremy Moody said he wanted to kill Charles Parker a year ago but he "chickened out" and then decided to kill him on Sunday. Taylor said Jeremy Moody got the tools necessary to go through with his plans, including a gun, knife, gloves and boots.

Taylor said the Parkers' exterior surveillance cameras showed the Moodys pull up to the home, pop the hood on their vehicle as if it was broken down then encounter Gretchen Parker.

Sex Offender Shot Dead by Police After 37-Hour Hostage Standoff — 2 Bodies Found in N.J. Home

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5-12-2013 New Jersey:

TRENTON, N.J. (TheBlaze/AP) — Police stormed a New Jersey home early Sunday and fatally shot a registered sex offender who had held his girlfriend’s three children hostage, ending a 37-hour ordeal and recovering the bodies of the girlfriend and one of her children, authorities said.

As TheBlaze reported yesterday, officers initially went to the South Trenton home Friday afternoon and found a man was barricaded inside. A relative Carmelita Stevens, 44, said she hadn’t spoken to her in weeks and was worried, authorities said at a news conference Sunday. Upon further investigation, authorities then discovered her children hadn’t been to school in 12 days.

Police entered the home through a rear door and smelled an odor consistent with that of a decomposing body, Trenton Police Director Ralph Rivera Jr. said. The officers also noticed maggots throughout the residence.

They found 38-year-old Gerald “Skip” Tyrone Murphy in an upstairs bedroom and he told them he was armed with a gun and explosives and had three children with him, Mercer County Prosecutor Joseph L. Bocchini Jr. said. Officers noticed one of the dead victims before they retreated from the second floor and rescued Stevens’ 19-year-old son from the basement, who said he hadn’t seen her or his siblings since about April 24.

Homes on the surrounding block were evacuated as a precaution, and police tape cordoned off the street in front of the house. A SWAT team was called, and an arson bomb unit was also on the scene. Police said Murphy could be seen from a window holding a black handgun.

Police remained in contact with Murphy throughout the standoff and passed food into the home through an upstairs window, state police Col. Rick Fuentes said. Murphy kept the captives with him inside the roughly 10-foot-by-11-foot bedroom throughout the standoff, authorities said.

As the standoff stretched into a third day, officers entered the home around 3:45 a.m. Sunday after noting Murphy’s “deteriorating state of mind” and deciding it was necessary to enter to help ensure the captives survived, Fuentes said. An officer shot Murphy because he was threatening one of the children, he said.

Murphy was taken to a hospital and later died of his injuries. No law enforcement personnel were injured during the standoff or the confrontation with Murphy.

“This was a very complex matter, considering the space (where the hostages were) and that three children were involved,” Fuentes said. “Our mission over those 37 hours was to save innocent lives.”

Authorities found the bodies of Stevens and her 13-year-old son in separate bedrooms. Stevens’ body was in an advanced state of decomposition, and police said she and her son may have been killed two weeks ago. Police didn’t say which of the bodies they had seen inside the home Friday afternoon.

Three of Stevens’ children – an 18-year-old woman, a 16-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy – were rescued and taken to a medical center for evaluation and treatment. Murphy had abused and assaulted the captives, Bocchini said.

Murphy and Stevens had been dating for a few months, and both lived in the house, police said. He was not the father of any of her children.

Authorities wouldn’t comment on a possible motive or say how the victims died, citing the ongoing investigation. They also would not say whether any bombs or other explosives were recovered at the residence.

Attempts to contact the victims’ relatives and neighbors were unsuccessful on Sunday.

Murphy had a long criminal history including convictions for aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy, Bocchini said. He had previously been arrested for robbery and weapons offenses and child endangerment. He also had an arrest warrant in Pennsylvania for failing to register as a sex offender. ..Source.. by Dave Urbanski

Saturday, January 12, 2013

GA- Suspect in carjacking a molester (killed by passerby)

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9-17-2005 Georgia:

The carjacker-kidnapper shot dead Monday by a passer-by in Cobb County had a conviction for sex crimes and has been tentatively connected to a rape last week in Acworth, police said Tuesday.

Despite his conviction for child molestation and statutory rape, Brian O'Neil Clark, 25, does not appear in the state's database for sexual offenders, and state officials were at a lost to explain why.

As details came out about her abductor Tuesday, so too did a picture of the victim. Kimberly Boyd, 30, was kidnapped at gunpoint shortly after leaving her office Monday morning, police said. She died when Clark turned into the path of a cement truck, causing a collision.

Friends say she was considering a shift from working mother to stay-at-home mom.

Investigators also revealed that Boyd had been shot as she struggled with her abductor. The coroner did not detail the extent of her wound, but police believe she was alive when the cement truck hit her Toyota Sequoia broadside.

As Clark was fleeing that accident, he was shot dead by motorist Shawn Roberts, who had seen Boyd and Clark struggling and followed as the car careened down U.S. 41 in Acworth. Cobb police Lt. Kevin Flynn, said Tuesday that Roberts, 31, was cooperating and appeared to have acted lawfully.

Roberts said he believes that killing Clark probably saved more lives.

Clark had a history of criminal offenses in Cherokee and Cobb counties, according to police and court records.

In April 2002, he was arrested in Illinois and returned to Georgia to face child molestation, statutory rape and burglary charges in Cobb, where he received an 18-month sentence, jail records show.

In Cherokee, Clark was convicted in 2004 of first-degree forgery and was released June 13 after a year in state prison.

Family, friends mourn

Clark had been placed on the sexual offenders database operated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations after his conviction in Cobb, GBI spokesman John Bankhead said. He was removed from the list while serving time for the forgery conviction, but should have been added after his release three months ago, Bankhead said.