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Cumberland County Double Homicide Suspect Kills Himself

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6-16-2011 Pennsylvania:

Robert Liddick's Body, Truck Found Near Susquehanna River

HAMPDEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A man and a woman were killed in a Cumberland County home early Wednesday morning and the suspect in the double homicide has killed himself.

The homicide happened in the 3900 block of Brookridge Drive in Hampden Township (see interactive map below).

Paul Johnson, 34, who lived in the home, and Wendy Royer, 36, of South 30th Street in Camp Hill, were killed. Both were shot to death.

Robert Liddick, 41, of South 30th Street in Camp Hill, was wanted for questioning in the killings. He shot himself in the head before authorities reached him. His body was found in the Conodiguinet Creek not too far from the Susquehanna River. An apology note was found near his body.

A truck matching the description of Liddick's vehicle was found in the West Fairview Area, according to Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed. A high-powered rifle matching the description of the one used in the killings was also found.

Police Say Suspect Called 911

Liddick called 911 from the Summerdale Diner at 1:40 a.m. Wednesday and said a child was unattended inside the home on Brookridge Drive, according to Freed. Police used a garage door opener from a car at the house to get inside and found Johnson and Royer dead on the kitchen floor.

The killings have "all the hallmarks of a domestic incident," Freed said. There was evidence of "extreme violence" in the kitchen, he said.

Officers found an 18-month-old boy upstairs. He was not harmed. Freed said he thinks the boy is the son of Johnson.

The victims were shot multiple times and the ammunition appears to have come from a high-powered rifle, Freed said.

Royer and Liddick are the parents of another child.

Neighbors said Royer and Johnson were in a relationship.

On Wednesday afternoon, investigators served a search warrant at Liddick and Royer's house on South 30th Street in Lower Allen Township. ..Source..

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