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CT- Son accused of killing mother, burning house waives hearing

Here we have something unusual although its happened now twice in the past month or so, someone attempts to justify murder saying "I was sexually abused by them as a child." We regularly see politicians use sex offenders to further political goals, businesses do the same to further income, and now we see "unproveable sex offenses" to justify serious crimes. True, I don't know, but how long will society allow sex offenses and offenders to be used to justify everything under the sun?

3-4-2009 Connecticut:

Carson J. Mueller, who is accused of fatally strangling his mother and blowing up her house in Griswold a week later while trying to kill himself has waived his right to a probable cause hearing.

Mueller, 34, is charged with first-degree arson and murder. He allegedly strangled Denise Mueller, 69, and hid her body under leaves in Pachaug State Forest. A week later, on Jan. 5, he told police he was attempting to commit suicide when he doused his mother’s house at 74 Richardson Hill Road with gas and lit a match. The explosion blew him through a second-floor wall and onto the lawn.

As a murder defendant, Mueller had a right to a hearing in which the state introduces testimony and other information in an effort to convince a judge that there is enough evidence to prosecute the case. Mueller, standing with attorney Peter E. Scillieri in New London Superior Court this morning, told the judge he was waiving the hearing.

Mueller’s father, Ned Mueller, came to Connecticut from Washington State this week to visit with his son and grandchildren. On Wednesday, Mr. Mueller met with the son’s attorney at the courthouse to discuss the case, then waited in the hallway while Mueller stood before the judge. He said he has been staying at the local hotel where his ex-wife, to whom he was married for 23 years, worked. Upon learning of the crime, he told The Day that his son could not break away from Denise and that he had continued to live with her for financial reasons.

Mueller, who has two young daughters, left a suicide note in his mother’s mailbox. When he survived the explosion, he left the property in his car, only to call police a short time later from a Franklin gas station to say he had been in a car accident. Mueller told police he killed his mother “because he had suffered years of sexual and physical abuse from her” and he feared his two children would suffer a similar fate.

He is being held at the Garner Correctional Institution on a medical and suicide watch. He told Judge Susan B. Handy this morning that he would like to remain in protective custody at the prison rather than being housed in general population. The judge said put his request on the record, though she has no say over where the Department of Correction houses inmates.

Mueller’s next court appearance is April 3. ..News Source.. by Karen Florin

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