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Bethany man jailed in wife's death says wife caught him watching pornography

Is related because of "Sexual Circumstances" which we also document.
1-10-2011 Oklahoma:

Reginald Scott Bartlett, 58, told Bethany police he “snapped” when Cathy Bartlett, 57, caught him watching pornography Saturday at their home.

BETHANY — A Bethany man jailed on a murder complaint in the Saturday stabbing death of his wife said he attacked the woman because he “snapped” when she caught him watching pornography on his computer, according to an affidavit filed today in Oklahoma County District Court.

Reginald Scott Bartlett, 58, is being held without bail in the Oklahoma County jail in the death of Cathy Bartlett, 57. He has not been charged.

Police were called about 6:35 p.m. to the couple's home at 7600 NW 25 and found Reginald Bartlett rolling around on the living room floor groaning, officer Angelo Orefice wrote in the affidavit. Cathy Bartlett was partially clothed on the floor with stab wounds to much of her body. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Reginald Bartlett was taken to a hospital due to his “distraught demeanor” and was interviewed Saturday following his release, according to the affidavit. Bartlett told police he was “a sick individual” and that he was addicted to pornography.

He told officers his wife came into the computer room, saw he was looking at pornography, slapped him and began to yell at him about a bank statement because she thought he was ordering pornography, Orefice wrote. Bartlett said he snapped, grabbed a knife and stabbed her repeatedly.

Bartlett told police he pulled some of her clothes off to make it look like his wife had been raped, then emptied a drawer out on the floor to make it look like the house had been burglarized, according to the affidavit. There were no signs of forced entry at the house.

Bartlett took the knife used in the attack along with a computer and his clothes and put them in a black bag, which he threw into Lake Overholser, Orefice wrote. After that, he went to a sporting goods store to look at golf equipment and then to Southern Nazarene University to watch a basketball tournament before returning to the home to call 911. ..Source.. MICHAEL KIMBALL

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