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Retired Officer's Alleged Killer Says Man Was Child Molester

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1-25-2006 Pennsylvania:

Testimony Revealed Thompson Believed Man Raped Family Member

PHILADELPHIA -- Startling new information was revealed in court Wednesday about the slaying of a retired Philadelphia police officer.

Detectives said that the accused killer, Galvinus Thompson (pictured, left), has confessed, claiming the man he killed was a child molester.

During an hour of testimony, a detective said that Kenneth Brokenborough was shot to death because Thompson believed he had raped a young member of Thompson's family seven years ago.

Police also said that Thompson, 24, confessed he went to Brokenborough's home on Friday Jan. 13 to confront him with the rape allegations, but Thompson lost his courage. The detective went on to say that Thompson returned three days later, on Monday Jan. 16, and confronted Brokenborough while he was exercising and fatally shot him.

"When you shoot somebody 11 times, you run out of bullets and two of those shots are to the back, you wanted to kill the person. It's not an accident," said Carlo Vega, the prosecutor.

The defense argued that Thompson did not intend to commit murder. They said that Thompson was angry over Brokenborough's denial of the accusation. In his confession, Thompson claimed Brokenborough said, "Get out of here. What are you talking about? I'm not going to jail."

"Voluntary manslaughter is intentional killing, which 10 shots clearly is, but it's motivated by a sudden rage or resentment or anger brought upon by the conduct or the actions of the deceased," said Jack McMahon, Thompson's attorney.

McMahon said that Thompson has expressed remorse and even led police to the gun he dumped in the Schuykill River in Manayunk.

"He's a heck of a kid. By all accounts, this is a fine young man. He's never been arrested before, ROTC, went to high school, did good," McMahon said.

However, the judge disagreed and said that Thompson did intend to kill the man his mother once dated.

"He came armed, fully loaded, and he emptied out that gun," Vega said. ..more.. by

Man held in ex-officer's death

Authorities last night charged the son of a Philadelphia police officer with murder in the slaying of a retired officer who authorities say used to date his mother.

Galvinus E. Thompson, 23, of Philadelphia, allegedly fired several rounds from the .40-caliber handgun that killed Kenneth Brokenborough, 52, of the 100 block of Washington Lane, Monday as the former officer did his early-morning exercises, police said.

Police declined to elaborate on a motive for the shooting or say what led them to the suspect.

Capt. Benjamin Naish, a police spokesman, said last night that "something" in the past may have led to Monday's shooting, but he would not elaborate.

In recent years, Brokenborough had been dating Thompson's mother, Officer Dana Thompson, who was... ..Source..

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