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Man Says He Killed His Father To Stop Sexual Abuse

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7-14-2005 Washington:

FEDERAL WAY - Police knew from the beginning that David Jaber was the main suspect in his father's murder.

Neighbors at Fred Jaber's retirement apartment complex found the 79-year-old with a butcher knife in his back.

"Residents or neighbors were comforting him at the time. He was conscious. He was able to talk. As police were talking to him, checking on him, he identified his son as the assailant," said Commander Greg Wilson with the Federal Way Police Department.

What detectives didn't know was, why would a son kill his father?

New court documents may provide the answer. In them, David Jaber claims he suffered years of sexual abuse by his father that continued until the day he died.

Jaber claims "His father had been molesting him since he was 4 or 5-years-old. Part of the condition of David moving in was that he'd perform oral sex on his father."

In February 2005, Jaber moved in with his father at the Willamette Retirement Apartments.

In the court documents, David Jaber told police on June 26 he snapped. He talked to his mother on the phone to tell her about the years of alleged abuse. Court documents say she told him she didn't care.

KOMO 4 News tried to talk to Delores Jaber, but there was no answer at her SeaTac home. Delores was divorced from her husband and clearly afraid of her son. Since the beginning of the year, she's had a protection order against David. In the order she wrote: "I can see the rage in his eyes. I am fearful of his behavior. He is a totally different person since his depression." ..more.. by Leslie Knopp

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