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"I cut him up with an ax, put him in garbage bags"

(Posted in Other Deaths) Assuming the truth of his claims this is a terrible case on multiple levels without the historical claims of killing child molesters and others. Deaths counted were his sister and his roomates, the rest were ignored.

6-30-2009 Arizona:

A Texas man is accused of killing three Tucson area residents. Michael Carlson is charged with first degree murder for the death of his sister. He's also the prime suspect in the deaths of his roommates.

Could investigators have a long-time serial killer behind bars?

Michael Carlson has made some startling confessions.

Journalistically, News 4 decided Carlson's interview is relevant TV news because Carlson admits to personally killing multiple people. If his claims turn out to be true, his victim's families may finally get the answers they've been waiting for.

Unshackled and face to face, Michael Carlson begins with a bold warning.

"I'm fixing on taking you through a journey through the depths of hell," says Carlson.

His tales of cold blooded murder and revenge date back 46 years.

"I just want the truth to come out," he says.

Carlson's straight faced confessions begin with the recent double murder of his roommates Kenneth K.R. Alliman and Becky Lofton, in Picture Rocks.

His motivation? Justice for theft, he says, they committed.

"And this is the only killing, pardon my language that bleeped my head up, and I still have problems with it today and I have no problems with the people I've killed in the past," says Carlson.

Carlson even confesses to the murder of his own sister, Maria Thoma a mother of three.

Carlson says witnessing Maria physically abuse her children set him off.

"Once again that rage inside me had taken control," he says, "And I had to end it, had to put her to sleep."

He admits to shooting and killing Maria in 2003, leaving her body in a field for deputies in Vail to find.

"I couldn't make Sissie disappear, she's still my sister and she needed to be laid to rest properly," he says.

News 4's Rebecca Taylor asks, "How many other people have you killed?"

"Probably, counting Sissie, J.R. and Becky, somewhere between 10 and 12," says Carlson.

His so-called "hunts" for justice read like a Hollywood horror flick. They begin at age eleven in of all places, Hollywood, California.

"This child molester had hurt a little boy," he says claiming that in 1967 he shot the man, asleep in his bed. Then set his mobile home on fire.

"I have no compassion, I have no sympathy, no mercy for child molesters," says Carlson.

Then in 1971, at 15 Carlson says he hunted down a young woman's accused rapist in Wichita, Kansas, stabbing him to death.

"And then I saw the ax, and I cut him up with ax, put him in garbage bags," says Carlson.

In 1973, at 17 Carlson says he shot and drowned a man in Arlington, Texas for smacking his son.

"He went swimming and he never came back from his swim," he says.

A year later in Gainesville, Texas Carlson says he gunned down a man at a rest stop for hitting a child.

"I walked him deeper into the woods and I shot him," he says.

In 1980 Carlson says he slowly skinned alive and castrated a drug dealer in Ft. Worth, Texas for raping a friend's teenage daughter.

"It's a pain that's intolerable and I wanted this garbage to suffer because I kept remembering her face," he says, "and it's like something just takes over, something just takes over me."

Carlson also admits to shooting a drug dealer in Tucson and dumping his body down an abandoned mine in 2005.

News 4 requested an interview with cold case investigators about Carlson's confessions, but Pima County Sheriff's Deputies declined our request.

News 4's Rebecca Taylor has shown Carlson's taped confession to K.R. and Becky's loved ones, who say in a way it brings them closure. Their interview will air on News 4 at 10 on Tuesday. ..Source.. by News4

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