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OH- Mom Accused in Baby's Death Facing Sex Charge

The prosecutor alleges she was trying to hide the fact that the father was a minor, and if true there is something else we need to find out. We need to follow case to learn if, her underlying reason was A) she didn't want family or friends to know; -OR- B) whther she was afraid of the ramifications of the laws involving sex with minors, as alleged by the prosecutor.

8-31-2009 Ohio:

A Hamilton woman held in the murder of her five week old child now faces charges of sexual conduct with a minor and allegedly killed her child to hide the age of the father.

25 year old Asuncion Villa was indicted today by a Butler County grand jury on charges of aggravated murder, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse. But there was also a fourth count in the indictment, alleging that Villa had sex with a minor between the ages of 13 and 16. The alleged sex happened between September and November of 2008.

Villa called police a week ago Monday to say a family member had taken her five week old son Israel Santos from her home on Sunday and had not returned the child.

Detectives began interviewing witnesses and say they found the body of the baby early yesterday wrapped in a plastic bag in a trash can behind the family home. They filed charges against Villa, including Murder, Endangering Children, Tampering with Evidence and Abuse of a Corpse. The coroner says the child had a crushed skull and a fractured right forearm.

Today's indictment allegeds Villa killed the baby to hide the fact that she'd fathered the child with a minor.

Villa is held on a million dollars bond on the charges stemming from her baby's death and could face the death penalty if she's convicted. ..Source.. by

Baby's death brings death-penalty charge

8-31-2009 Ohio:

A Hamilton woman killed her infant son and put him in the trash, authorities allege, because she wanted to conceal the fact that she had unlawful sex with a teen who fathered the baby.

That scenario added up to charges that could bring the death penalty for Asuncion Avila-Villa, 26, of Hamilton, if she is convicted.

Authorities believe she is the first woman facing possible capital punishment in Butler County in about a decade.

“The facts of this case are so horrific, it justifies it,” said Prosecutor Robin Piper.

Avila-Villa, who is being held in the county jail on a $1 million bond, is set to appear in court today1 on upgraded charges that were released Monday.

An indictment accuses Avila-Villa of aggravated murder in the death of her 35-day-old son, Israel Santos. He died of a crushed skull.

Police found the child’s body Aug. 25 amid trash they had taken to police headquarters from behind Avila-Villa’s Shuler Avenue apartment.

The indictment lists two reasons the death penalty could be imposed, if a jury agrees either or both conditions apply: The victim of the slaying was a child under age 13, and the killing was committed “for the purpose of escaping detection, apprehension, trial or punishment for another offense” – unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

The latter specification refers to Avila-Villa’s conduct with the teen who is believed to have fathered the baby, Piper said.

Authorities are not disclosing the teen’s whereabouts but say they have talked to him.

Besides aggravated murder and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, Avila-Villa also is accused of gross abuse of a corpse and evidence tampering.

A paternity test for the child was imminent when he died on or before Aug. 24, Piper said.

The test was about to be done because Avila-Villa was receiving public assistance.

In such a situation, government officials attempt to determine the child’s parentage and collect child-support payments from the parent who doesn’t have custody.

Avila-Villa killed the child and put him in the trash because she didn’t want authorities to discover her sex crime with the teen boy who fathered Israel, Piper said.

In a call to 911, Avila-Villa reported Israel missing and blamed the baby’s father, who she said was 21, for taking him.

Authorities say that report was false. They say the likely father is a boy whose age is between 13 and 16. DNA testing has not yet been completed to verify whether the teen did indeed father the child. ..Source.. by Janice Morse

Mom denies guilt in baby's death

9-1-2009 Ohio:

A Hamilton woman pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that she killed her infant son -- accusations that carry a possible death sentence if she is convicted.

Asuncion Avila-Villa, 26, said little except to answer questions and was expressionless in Butler County Common Pleas Court as one of her lawyers, Chris Pagan, spoke on her behalf.

She is denying charges of aggravated murder, gross abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, the purported teen father of Israel Santos, the 35-day-old baby who was found dead last week in the trash. The indictment filed Monday alleges she had sex with a boy between the ages of 13 and 16 from September through November last year.

Israel Santos died of a crushed skull, Butler County Coroner Richard Burkhardt has ruled. Police found his body a week ago amid trash they had taken to the police station from outside Avila-Villa's apartment.

She had reported her son missing but police say that story was fabricated.

Authorities allege Avila-Villa killed the child because she wanted to conceal her sexual relationship with the teen. That relationship was in danger of being discovered because government officials were ordering a paternity test on Israel as part of the normal routine for public-assistance applicants.

Police records say Avila-Villa was born in Mexico. "She's legally here but not a citizen," Pagan said. He said she speaks English well enough that no interpreter would be needed for court proceedings.

She has four other children. Two live with relatives in Texas. Two others living with her in Hamilton have been placed with relatives nearby.

Judge Andrew Nastoff kept Avila-Villa's bond unchanged at $1 million. He set her next court date for Sept. 30.

A separate case is pending over custody of two of her children, and a hearing will be held in that case on Oct.15 in juvenile court. ..Source.. by Janice Morse

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