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MO- Two women charged with beating man to death in Forest Park

6-18-2009 Missouri:

ST. LOUIS -- Two women who beat a man to death in Forest Park were reacting to an unwanted sexual advance, police said Wednesday in announcing the filing of first-degree murder charges against them.

Dawn E. Fulks, 25, and Mellonie D. Jones, 20, both of St. Louis, were held in jail without bond.

Police described the women as lovers, and said they attacked Willard Bryant Payne, 26, of University City, who was found dead early Monday in the Kennedy Forest area, near the southwest corner of the park. Officials said he died of head trauma.

The defendants also were charged with armed criminal action and filing a false police report.

Police said it happened late Sunday or early Monday, after Payne went with the women to smoke marijuana in the park. When Payne made an advance at Fulks, police said, Jones hit Payne.

Payne tried to run, but the women caught him and continued to beat him with an undisclosed object, police said.

Police said both women were larger than Payne. According to data from Payne's drivers license, he was 5-foot-5 and weighed 140 pounds. Police said that the women claimed Payne had tried to rape Fulks, but that detectives did not believe it. Fulks was sentenced in March in St. Louis Circuit Court to five years of probation after pleading guilty to a child abuse charge. Further details were not immediately available. ..Source.. by Patrick M. O'Connell/St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MCT)

Two Women Arrested In Beating Death of a Man in Forest Park

6-17-2009 Missouri:

Man's body was discovered Monday morning.

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI - - Two women are in police custody and accused of the murder. St. Louis investigators say the women are responsible for the beating death of a 26 year old man whose body was found in Forest Park. Willard Payne's body was found in the Kennedy Forest near a jogging trail Monday morning, just west of the St. Louis Zoo.

According to police, Payne met the women at a different location and asked them to smoke some marijuana with him. They eventually ended up in Forest Park. The women told police he then made some verbal advances towards the 25-year old female. She said no, so he allegedly started doing to same to her 20-year old companion.

It was later discovered by police that the women were apparently girlfriends, both of whom were larger than the victim. Reports indicate they started beating him. Payne ran and they then caught him and beat him to death, according to police.

Police caught the pair because they initially reported that the man tried to rape them. Police now say that's not the case. The names of the women will likely be released later Tuesday. ..Source.. by John Brown Reporter

Man found dead in Forest Park: Two suspects in custody

6-17-2009 Missouri:

On Monday, June 15, a man was discovered dead on the south edge of Forest Park near the jogging trail by Wells in St. Louis. The Victim has been identified as an African-American male named William Bryant Payne.

Payne lived in the 6700 block of Chamberlain, St. Louis, Missouri. When Payne was found he was wearing only a pair of white shorts and tennis shoes. No cause of death has been released.

There were no obvious outward signs for cause of death to the victim. Minor cuts and scrapes were seen on the body. The medical team tried unsuccessfully to revive Payne during the pouring rain after finding him on a routine drive through of Forest Park. The body was discovered face down in the grass early in the morning before 7 a.m.

Not a lot is being released about this case. After the autopsy the police announced Payne's death as being suspicious. Additionally, as of Tuesday, June 16, 2009 the police have two men in custody. These men are suspected in being a part of Payne's death.

We have no information on who these men are or how they could be related to the death of Payne.

The St. Louis Police Department are the ones handling this case. ..Source.. by

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