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AZ- Eighth suspect arrested in A.J. slaying

Note: Here killers believed that Charles Thomas Snyder's son molested a little girl; Charles Thomas Snyder was not a registered sex offender and was killed by mistake.

9-16-2003 Arizona:
Detectives have arrested an eighth suspect Wednesday in the slaying of an Apache Junction resident, and continue to investigate if the attack was because the suspects believed his son molested a 9-year-old girl.

Michael Daniel White, 25, of Apache Junction was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit armed burglary, kidnapping and aggravated assault, said Apache Junction police Sgt. Dick Virgil.

White is suspected of being in Charles Thomas Snyder's home when he was shot and stabbed to death Sept. 10, Virgil said. Allen Pacheco, 15, and Johnny Pacheco, 17, told detectives they went to Snyder's home looking for his 23-year-old son to "rough him up," detective Ralph Cornejo said.

Most of the other suspects didn't know the girl or the Snyders and were only there as "backup," Cornejo said. "Once the first shot was fired they were gone like cats fleeing from a dog," Cornejo said.

Allen Pacheco told detectives he decided to seek revenge against Snyder’s son when the girl told him that the son — a family friend — had sneaked into her home while Pacheco was babysitting her Sept. 9 and molested her, police said.

On Sept. 10, the group drove to the Snyder home in the 1400 block of South Grand Avenue to look for the son, who sometimes lived in a residence in back, Cornejo said. Unable to find him, seven of the eight suspects entered the main house about 11 p.m., Cornejo said.

Snyder was shot and stabbed after confronting the Pacheco brothers upon awakening, police said.

Arrest warrants were obtained for the Pachecos as a result of numerous tips. The teens then implicated the others, who also confessed, Cornejo said.

Johnny Pacheco and Allen Pacheco were charged Monday with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary and aggravated assault.

John Ransom, 18, Dave Michienzi, 22, Henry Mitchell, 21, and Fredrick Wayne Besenhofer, 21, could face conspiracy to commit armed burglary, kidnapping and aggravated assault charges. Cindy Johnson, 29, may face conspiracy to commit armed burglary and kidnapping charges.

The girl was interviewed Wednesday and authorities expect to question Snyder’s son soon, Cornejo said. ..more.. by Kim Smith

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