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FL- Dad (Registered Sex Offender) May Have Been Intended Target In (His) Son's Murder

7-20-2009 Florida:

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. -- A 13-year-old boy answered a knock on the door at his father's Daytona Beach house early Monday morning and was shot in the face and killed. Eyewitness News spoke with the boy's father, who may have been the intended target.

"Justice will be served, I'm confident in it," said the victim's father, Lloyd Robinson Sr.

Police say they are hunting for the man and woman who shot Lloyd Robinson Jr. He was visiting from Atlanta and was at his father's house on Graham Street in Daytona Beach (see map) when the suspects knocked on the door.

Investigators dusted for fingerprints Monday. They got new information that the killer tried to open the glass door. However, the shooter then fired two shots through the glass door, killing the 13-year-old boy, but just grazing his 38-year-old father who police said was the likely target.

Lloyd Robinson Sr. walked away from the early morning ambush with a flesh wound on his shoulder. But his son, Lloyd Jr., was shot in the face and killed.

"The motive, only thing I can possibly think of maybe mistaken identity. Maybe they thought I was someone else," his father said.

Robinson Sr. also thought it might have been a robbery, but police Chief Mike Chitwood said Robinson was the likely target of a man and a woman who worked as a team.

The woman knocked on the backdoor at 4:00am while the gunman hid behind a wall. When Robinson Junior started to open the sliding glass door, the man jumped out and fired.

"I've had past conflicts. People try to shoot at me. 'Oh, sex offender, get out my neighborhood.' Even throw notes through my windows," he said.

Robinson Sr. didn't try to hide his past, which starts with a sex offense on a minor in 1990 and continues with 19 years of charges including cocaine possession, aggravated battery and DUI.

The shooting happened at the home of Robinson's girlfriend. His daughter was also in the house.

His son was supposed to go home to Georgia Sunday, but his dad said he stayed because of money and some minor behavior problems.

"A 13-year-old kid is dead and somebody out there holds the keys that we need to unlock this and make an arrest," Chief Mike Chitwood said.

Robinson did give police a name of who he thought the shooter might be, but investigators have since disproved that and are back to interviewing other people for information. ..Source.. by

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eAdvocate said...

This is why the sex offender registry should not be posted to the public. Most people don't understand that the family of a sex offender is discriminated against because of their parent's action. Anyone that tries to harm a sex offender should get the maximum under law, and the sex offender should be given the right to self defense, instead of pouring more charges against an offender when protecting himself. People who think that sex offenders deserve the worse and want them to suffer are becoming the scum of the earth.